Review: AC Collection by COSRX- No More Troubled Skin For This Year!

Review: AC Collection by COSRX- No More Troubled Skin For This Year!

Cosrx – one of the most beloved brand of k-beauty- has just launched their new skincare line designed with a lightweight formula with tea tree oil extract, suitable for people with acne prone and sensitive skin – AC COLLECTION!!!

This full skincare line includes a Calming Cleansing Foam, Calming Liquid Mild, Calming Liquid Intensive and the Ultimate Spot Cream. All products have the function to soothe skin and balance sebum production while keeping its moisture level. Here is how your AC Collection skincare routine should be:

First Step – Use Calming Cleansing Foam to take off any dirt and impurities on your skin.

Second Step – Use Calming Liquid Mild or Intensive (depending on your skin) with a cotton pad and gently apply all over your face. Avoid areas near your eyes.

Third Step – Apply the Ultimate Spot Cream on areas with blemishes.

Fourth Step – Lock everything in with your favorite moisturizer!

Our Cupidrop team members have tested out every single product from this line and shared their results below.


Skin Type: Combination to dry skin, sensitive skin, hormonal acne breakouts

COSRX recently dropped their exciting new skincare line dedicated to “troubled skin” which contains healing and soothing ingredients for acne and irritated skin. I was really excited to try these babies out because COSRX is one of my favorite skincare brands for being affordable yet effective. Also, due to the colder climate my skin has been teetering on the dry side—causing redness and flaky skin 😫 so I couldn’t wait to see if the new AC Collection would be the answer to all my winter woes.

I tested out two products from AC Collection and they are the Calming Foam Cleanser and Calming Liquid Mild.

Calming Foam Cleanser: When I first read the ingredient list, I noticed that this cleanser contains salicylic acid which meant that it would offer a degree of exfoliation—which I was excited about. As I mentioned flaky skin is a major concern of mine currently so I was stoked about that extra step of exfoliation. The texture of the cleanser is that of a milky gel. It lathers up to lots of bubbles and feels great on the skin. I didn’t feel any calming/soothing effect right away but when I rinsed the cleanser off I noticed that my skin didn’t have that tight/stripped-of-oils feeling. Usually some cleansers can leave my skin a little irritated however, this cleanser had a moisturizing effect to it. I couldn’t stop caressing my face because it was so soft after just my cleansing step! After three days of use, I did not notice too much difference in my flaky skin. I still had some dry patches between my eyebrows and around my nose area. Overall I enjoyed the fact that the cleanser was able to remove light make up and oil build-up with out completely drying out my skin—which allowed my skin to appear calmer.

Calming Liquid Mild: My first thought on the calming liquid was “Wow, that is FRESH!” This product has a distinct nature/herb-y smell which I assume is from the tea-tree oil. After a while the scent does dissipate (that, or you become nose blind to it). This essence is very fluid. It spreads easily and absorbs really quickly. I felt that the calming liquid did have a soothing effect on my rosy cheeks along with mild hydration. After three days use, it helped to reduce the size and redness some of my blemishes.


kin Type: Combination, Sensitive, Acne-Prone

Calming Foam Cleanser: The cleanser itself has a very creamy texture and a strong scent which I was a bit concerned. As for my night skincare routine, I just squeeze a little bit of the product on my hands after wetting my face, then gently massage avoiding the area near my eyes for 1-2 minutes. As I massage it on my face thoroughly, I noticed the scent was not as strong and began to fade out as it turns to foam.

After I rinse with water, my skin felt softer and smoother. Although I was concerned about its strong scent, my face did not feel tight or irritated. In comparison with other cleansing foams designed for acne prone/sensitive skin that I have tried in the past, this cleansing foam does not make your skin feel dry and I actually felt more moisturized!

Not only for Acne-prone skin, I think that this is such a great product to use during cold winters for people with all skint type as it locks moisture in your skin while balancing sebum reproduction to prevent from break outs.

Calming Liquid Mild: The texture of this calming liquid is very watery and clear. It also has a strong scent of tea tree oil. I use it in place of the toner and apply it using a cotton pad, then gently wipe all over my face after foam cleansing. Wait about 20 seconds for the product to be absorbed, then I would proceed with serum and moisturizer to finish up my skincare routine.

Overall results??

I did feel that the formula was very gentle and calming on my skin and helped to reduce the size of a small pimple. My skin also felt refreshing due to the content tea tree oil. However, this calming liquid is not as hydrating as I needed it to be as my skin was suffering from dryness due to the cold weather. I would definitely recommend it for people who have oily skin and easy to break out.


Skin Type: Combination skin and occasional hormonal breakout.

Calming Liquid Intensive: I would use it twice a day – morning and night – after cleansing as a toner. Within a couple of days, I noticed that the size of pimples on my face reduced and redness also diminished. I was very happy with the results because this product did not dry out my skin as its pH level is only around 4, and it felt moisturizing. It had a strong scent of tea tree oil but didn’t bother me.

Ultimate Spot Cream: I’m very pleased with this product as I was able to see great results within just a couple of days. Before going to bed as the last step of my routine, I would apply a thin layer of the spot cream over the trouble spots. Within two days, my pimples reduced in size. Another thing I love about this spot cream is that the texture is very lightweight and easy to blend. I’ve tried many other spot creams and this is the one that gave me the best results so far.


If you have not purchased the AC Collection yet, hurry up and get them here and add them to your winter skincare routine for a clearer skin!


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