Dream Sweeter Dreams with Sleeping Masks

Dream Sweeter Dreams with Sleeping Masks

There’s something about the cool fall temperature that makes me want to take long walks, enjoy the beautiful colors… and sleep. Mostly sleep. Lots of sleep. Hibernation season always seems to come early for me…

Since we’re on the topic of sleep, let’s talk a little bit about night routine! I’m sure everyone does the usual cleanser-toner-serum-essence-night cream, and all that jazz, yes? And maybe a sheet mask?

I want to talk a little bit about SLEEPING MASKS today. I’m sure many of you have heard it or used it before. Sleeping masks are incredibly popular in Korea due to many reasons, one of which is that it WORKS. And when it comes to skincare, the most important motto is, “Whatever works!”


Many people wonder why they should bother purchasing a sleeping mask. Isn’t our regular night cream enough? I’m sure they are, since night creams are developed for the purpose of keeping your skin moisturized throughout the night (hence, “night” cream). But sleeping masks are a whole different story because of the extra benefits that come with it. A good sleeping mask will show results the very next morning when you wake up with glowing and healthy-looking skin. And you’ll start to question why you didn’t jump on the Sleeping Mask train earlier on.

Here are some top reasons why I personally love using sleeping masks.

It’s the Real Moisture Bomb

Our skin becomes dehydrated easily while we sleep. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for really good night creams that will help our skin maintain some level of moisture throughout the night. While night creams may moisturize dry skin, sleeping masks create more of a thin barrier over the skin to lock in the moisture and help it penetrate the skin better. The result is a longer process of your skin becoming hydrated so that you wake up with super plump and soft skin.

It’s Like a Night Cream, Plus MORE

Sleeping masks are like super-moisturizers plus a serum. What I mean by that is most sleeping masks create a moisture barrier, as aforementioned above, but also contain key active ingredients to bring about other desired effects for the skin. So not only will your skin be getting the hydration it needs, it will be brighter, firmer, less blotchy, and so on when you wake up the next morning. Choose your sleeping mask to cater towards your skin’s needs!

It’s the Definition of Convenient Skincare

We all love our little therapeutic sheet mask sessions where we can pamper ourselves and enjoy some down time. But some nights, we’re tired and just want to slap whatever product onto our faces and go to sleep, and face the consequences the next morning. I’m telling you, there’s no need to do that when you can cheat out of the retribution with a sleeping mask! It’s an apply-and-sleep mask with no washing-off necessary until the next morning. You can use sleeping masks in place of your regular night cream once or twice a week and let it do its work while you venture through dreamland. The next morning, you can either use a foam cleanser or just use water to wash it off. Yup, it’s that easy.

It Makes Your Makeup Look Better the Next Day

As I’ve repeated over and over again (I know, I know, I’m obsessed), you will wake up the morning after using a sleeping mask with hydrated skin that really visibly shows what a good night’s sleep your skin got. With rich moisture and nourishment that has been added to your skin for a more even skin tone and smoother texture, you will find that applying face makeup the next day will go MUCH easier. I’m talking about less caking, more coverage, more boosting. So using a sleeping mask the night before an important interview or a date might be a good move!


Every skincare product has downfalls to watch out for and optional tasks that will help increase benefits. Luckily, sleeping masks aren’t that complicated to use. But here is a quick DO and DON’T regarding sleeping masks.

DO Exfoliate Before Using a Sleeping Mask

Of course, you don’t have to exfoliate every single time before using a sleeping mask. But once in a while, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells before applying a sleeping mask can help the product penetrate your skin more easily overnight. You might be able to see even better results the next morning. If you have particularly sensitive skin, take it easy with the exfoliation and make sure to patch-test first before going for your whole face.

DON’T Bypass the Ingredient List

You should always try to take a quick look at the ingredient list to get a gist of what a skincare product contains, but this is particularly important to do for sleeping masks. Think of it this way: you’re leaving this product on your face for a WHOLE NIGHT. That’s an average of 8 hours (if you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep). You definitely don’t want to spend that much time with a product that contains something your skin might not be happy with on your face.

Check the labels. If you know that your skin is easily irritated by prolonged applications of acids, make sure your sleeping mask doesn’t contain any. If you’re able to get your hand on some samples, check the fragrance. If it’s overpowering and you know your skin (or your nose) is not about sleeping through that scent, avoid it. The key is to find a sleeping mask that contains active ingredients that you know is compatible with your skin. It might take a bit of research, or patch-testing beforehand.

Fall is a busy season for many, whether you’re a working professional or a student with midterms. And it’s only going to get busier with holidays coming up (don’t call me crazy, it’ll be here before we know it)! Have a sleeping mask ready for lazy nights where you don’t want to sacrifice good sleep for good skin.


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