Introducing Derma Plan

Introducing Derma Plan

Warding off seasonal skincare woes can seem like a full-time job sometimes, especially when it comes to managing sensitive skin. Rain or shine, hot or cold, sensitive skin demands much-needed attention and there’s really no shortcuts to achieving the calm and suppleness that we want. That’s where Derma Plan comes in.

Hydrate. Calm. And Protect. Yes, Derma Plan specializes in coming to the rescue of irritable trouble areas, dry flaky patches, spots of redness, and unwanted discomfort with the brand’s patent Derma Max Formula™. When left unchecked, sensitive skin can become more and more susceptible to the elements and the stress of external stimulants. Let’s delve a little deeper into some of the reasons why.

Poor hydration and major moisture loss are common causes for a weakened or damaged outer layer of the skin. The effect of external stressors on our skin becomes even more intense when our protective barrier is not fortified with the nourishment it needs. That’s when our skin cells react by way of the discomfort we try so hard to manage.

Derma Plan utilizes the restorative properties of 7 carefully selected botanical extracts to help improve the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and create balance. Made with EWG-certified ingredients, this vegan brand’s patent formula provides highly soothing properties and antioxidants for improved moisture retention, and to effectively support the skin’s protective barrier, so that we can brave the day with vibrant skin and confidence.


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