K-Beauty Recycling 101

K-Beauty Recycling 101

Emptying your favorite skincare product is a dual-edge sword. While this opens up the opportunity to pick up those new products that have been patiently waiting on your list, there is also the questionable disposal process. Do you throw out the product in the nearest bathroom bin, or do you take the time to research whether or not you have to take that trip to the kitchen to recycle? Today, we’re breaking down that thought process a little more.

Double Check the Packaging

First things first, take a peek at the label and see if you can find any distinct markings or colorings. Aspects such as recycling codes or unique design effects help you get a better idea of what kind of plastic or glass you’re dealing with here. If the bottle you are using is dyed any distinct color outside of clear, brown, and green, that may make it difficult to recycle the product. 

Quick Search of Local/State Recycling Rules

Recycling rules differ, and it's important that you know what exactly your community needs when it comes to upcycling used material. Some local and state recycling initiatives partner with distinct programs that may limit the type of product they accept due to demand and capabilities, so take that extra time to learn the ropes. 

Caps, Pumps, and Droppers

Some mechanisms such as caps, pumps, droppers, and pouches are not recyclable, so you must separate them first before depositing your products anywhere. These types of models often use mixed materials and must be placed in the trash. However, some caps contain the same material as the bottle, so you can place it in the appropriate bin so long as it is attached to the product.

Rinse & Repeat

You must wash your product before placing it in the bin. While not the most exciting and motivating aspect of this process, rinsing your bottle can affect its final value as it can attract bugs and other creatures at the sorting facility. Be sure to pay attention to any additional labeling on the product. You should remove any available labeling as much as you can. 

When in Doubt - Put it in the Trash

If all else fails, then your next best course of action would be to dispose of the product in the trash. It can be hard to discern what aspects of the item are recyclable, but placing a mixed material item into the wrong bin may stall the recycling process and cause additional issues at the sorting facility. Ultimately, causing it to end up in the waste stream regardless. 

We know it can seem daunting but, make sure to set some time today to evaluate your carbon footprint and see if there’s anything else you can do to help the cause.


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