4 Tips To Make Your Skin Care Regime More Eco-Friendly.

4 Tips To Make Your Skin Care Regime More Eco-Friendly.

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Our planet provides so much for us every day so today we are showing some love back by turning our skin care routine into a more sustainable practice.

Tip #1: Make the switch to bar soap facial cleansers to help reduce waste. Bar soaps come with less packaging and they help to reduce the amount you use because you are not dispensing a blind amount. You only use what you need with bar facial cleanser. Urang - one of our favorite natural brands creates their bar cleansers by hand and they are cold processed so there is zero skin stripping detergents in each of the heavenly squares.

Tip #2: Adopt more multitasking products. Simplify your skincare routine by using more multi-functional products. This not only saves you time, but it also helps the environment. Less waste is always a good thing. Another plus is that you can go through your products in a timely fashion. As we all know, the shelf life of a skincare product is shorten drastically when the seal is broken. The Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream is keeps you emollient from the tips of your mane to the callus on your feet (which we DON’T have bc we stay moisturized!)

Tip #3: Support brands that support a sustainable earth. There are lots of brands out there that operated with good intentions by using vegan ingredients or opting out of animal testing—in the effort to inch towards a more green future. Some of our favorite ethical K-beauty brands include Aromatica, The Vegan Glow and I'm From

Tip #4: After they have served your skin by keeping is glossy and nourished—extend the life of your beauty products by re-purposing the packaging into plant pots! Check out this awesome insta tag of people re-purposing all types of containers into new homes for our local flora.



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