When Do You Actually Need to Wear Sunscreen?

When Do You Actually Need to Wear Sunscreen?

Let’s be honest. We have all put off using sunscreen at one point or another. We either get too lazy, are afraid of the flashback, or just want to secure that perfect summer tan. We all want to achieve that bronze glow but, we also don’t want to damage our skin or develop uneven pigmentation. Whether rain, shine, or snow, here’s a list of reasons why you should wear sunscreen all year long.


Whether you are going for a walk on the coldest of winter days or relaxing by the window on a warm summer morning, invisible UV rays are continuously harming your skin.

UVA rays are a series of long waves that can penetrate deep into the skin. UVA rays are so powerful that they can heavily damage your skin’s DNA structure, causing various genetic mutations to occur. These mutations can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, and the development of various skin cancer cells. Nothing can stop these rays. So long as you’re by a window and the sun is out, UVA rays will stop at nothing to ruin your beautiful skin.

UVB rays mostly damage the skin’s outermost layers. In fact, UVB is the criminal mastermind behind our painful sunburns. These rays irritate and redden our skin causing it to burn and peel during the sunniest of days. UVB affects us all year round, regardless of temperature, and is a driving force behind the development of cancer cells on the surface level. While not as messy as UVA rays, UVB still packs a powerful punch.


These two ingredients are your skin’s best friend. Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide physically block your skin from the sun. By reflecting the invisible rays off of the surface of your skin, these two components protect you from UVB, UVA1 (most common form of UVA), and even UVA2 (the deadliest of them all). While they may be the reason behind the notorious ghost face, they are our biggest defense against the mighty sun.


SPF actually stands for Sun Protection Factor. This means that SPF just measures how well and how long a sunscreen can protect your skin from UV radiation. The recommended SPF range is anywhere from 15 to 50, where any SPF rating higher than 50 will not be as effective. Sadly, there is no SPF that can block 100% of UV rays. Let’s use an example to break down how this all comes together.

If you use our Cosrx Shield Fit All Green Comfort Sun SPF50+ PA++++ then your skin will be protected against 98% of UV rays and will last 50 times longer than your skin’s usual limit. So, if your skin tends to get red after 15 minutes of sun exposure, then the Shield Fit All Green will prevent you from getting any burns for approximately 12 hours. However, if you start sweating then the time frame decreases. This means you must reapply for the strongest protection against our sunny foe.

Whew! that was a lot to cover. If you takeaway anything from this article we hope it is this: We love your skin and we want it to stay as beautiful as it is right now for years to come. Take some time to put on sunscreen everyday. We promise you won’t regret it.

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