Top 3 Winter Haircare Tips

Top 3 Winter Haircare Tips

Winter months tend to be a little harsh. The hot indoor air and cold winter chills on top of styling, coloring, and tugging makes our scalp even more vulnerable to flaking, itching, and sensitivity. Our hair is struggling to stay moisturized and silky while keeping brittleness at bay. Winter can be a challenge, but there’s no mountain too high or valley too low that a few solid haircare tips can’t conquer.

Take It Easy on Frequent Cleansing

Yes, you read that correctly. Professionals recommend changing your shampoo schedule and skipping a wash or two. Dry shampoos prevent “over-washing” and protect your scalp’s natural oil balance. Over-washing and winter winds are a dangerous duo that can stripe your hair of double, even triple, the natural oils required to keep your hair hydrated. I know what you’re thinking – that’s what conditioning is for – but your hair needs to preserve as much moisture as it can to prevent any additional frizz or breakage.

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Moisturize with An Oil

It’s relatively shocking how quickly and easily moisture seeps out of your hair and into the air during this season. Dandruff, flaking, sensitivity, and dullness are all signs that your scalp is dehydrated and is in a losing battle against winter winds. Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and Moringa Oil are great essential oils that deeply hydrate your hair and seal in moisture. These mighty essentials also provide your hair with nourishing vitamins and minerals for a radiant shine.

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Take the Time Out for a Treatment

When in doubt, use a hair treatment. A hair treatment is one of the best things you can do to help minimize hair damage, smoothen hair strands, promote hair growth, and rebalance the scalp’s natural pH. Whether it’s a hair mask, a scalp scrub, or 15-20 minutes of deep conditioning, your hair will love you. Hair treatments can re-energizing the hair by restoring its sheen and protecting against split ends. Simply swap your shampoo for a hair treatment and breeze your way into Spring with luscious tresses.

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The Long and Short

Maintaining strong, healthy hair differs for everyone. Not one hair strand or follicle is the same. Get to know your hair and create a routine that works well for you and helps you meet all your hair goals. Give your hair the attention it deserves and watch as your tresses bloom.


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