Thank You, 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Thank You, 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Another round of Beautiful Pioneers has successfully concluded! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers—it was your contribution that made this round another great success!

For the 15th round of Beautiful Pioneers, we offered up The Vegan Glow’s Mild Foam Cleanser, Good Morning Cream, and Good Night Cream. It’s a gentle moisture-boosting trio that soothes, protects, and improves skin elasticity, and is safe to use for all skin types.

Glow up with this sustainable, cruelty-free bundle of refining goodness made with EWG green level ingredients.

Hop in and see what we got from our Beautiful Pioneers


Here are some interesting reviews by BP 15 participants:

HUGE thank you to every reviewers!
Emily W. – @agelessandradiant
Jasmine M. – @sheetmaskshawty
Juliana C. – @jacmakeup
Young Y. – @yayayayoung


If you missed your chance to apply for this generation, no worries—just watch out for the next recruitment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as that is where we make all Beautiful Pioneers-related announcements.

Thank you again to all of our 15th Gen. Beautiful Pioneers.


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