Always Mom. Forever A Friend.

Always Mom. Forever A Friend.

Remember your first skincare love? That one item that your mom, an aunt, or older sister gracefully yet thoroughly applied to her face every morning, or at night? Remember sneaking at times to visit this newfound love in hopes of trying it out yourself, but had only a few seconds to catch a whiff of the enchanting blend of luxurious botanicals that you could not explain? Maybe it was the scent of Rose, Lavender, or Berries - but you knew that you’d be back for more.

This Mother’s Day, you don’t have to sneak! You and mom’s favorite skincare essentials can create new memories :). Perhaps over a delicious brunch, spending time at a relaxing spa, or at home for a cozy night in - you can tell her about all the good that your skin care routine is doing for you. (And maybe even share with her a few of those sneaky skincare testimonies - though she probably knew about them all this time.)

Aromatica’s Reviving Rose infusion Treatment Toner
It’s no surprise that Rose Water was one of Queen Cleopatra’s most favorite additions to her personal care routine. Stories about her flawless beauty and skin are still shared centuries later, so why not take a little inspiration and give this ingredient a try.

Aromatica’s Reviving Rose infusion Treatment Toner delivers a potent and rich elixir of benefits from Rose Water and Rose Essential Oil. Whether to balance the skin’s pH levels, detoxify, or soothe irritation, the soft touch of Rose Water is probably enough to have you coming back for more of this toner. It boasts both antibacterial and anti-aging benefits, on top of next-level moisture. Say hello to the perfect daily toner to nourish and care for mature, dry, sensitive, dull, or troubled skin. 

Rovectin Lotus Water Cream
Many cultures tout the Lotus Flower as a common symbol of purity, rebirth, and enlightenment. Lucky for us skincare enthusiasts, Lotus Flower Water and Lotus Extracts have natural anti-aging, brightening, and regenerative benefits that we can enjoy! They are both known to purify and balance the skin, improve tone and texture, and restore vibrancy to the complexion. Rovectin’s Lotus Water Cream contains 75% Lotus Water! So both you and mom can sit back, relax, and let this moisturizer work its magic while enjoying a girl’s night in.

Urang Pink Everlasting Ampoule
If there ever was a serum to lay your skin health worries to rest - this is it. This lightweight formula is enriched with botanicals that help to improve the skin’s complexion by diminishing dark spots, fading fine lines, and fortifying the skin’s natural protective barrier. The cell regeneration benefits of 81.7% Helichrysum Italicum Flower Water, along with nutrient-rich Silk Amino Acids deeply penetrate the layers of the skin to hydrate and soothe, with a healthy dose of skin-loving Vitamin B12 to help bring out the best in your skin. 

By Ecom Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner
Got a few minutes to spare to really seal in that fresh-faced, supple glow? Queue the Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner and its burst of Citrus Extracts. This gentle exfoliator is formulated with a blend of Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Heartleaf Extract, and Peppermint Oil, making this cleaner an effective astringent for smoother, softer skin. It helps to eliminate impurities and lift dead skin cells, so you can reset with a clean canvas, whether to reapply your make-up or to keep it simple. It is also effective at helping to manage troubled areas, for a revitalizing yet effective cleanse. Please do share with mom!


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