Today’s Special: Korean Noodz??

Today’s Special: Korean Noodz??

So we’re doing something a little different today…

As much as we love K-Beauty, we also love K-Food!

Even better (or worse), Korean instant noodles is possibly the best (and worst) thing that has ever happened to human beings. #GuiltyPleasure, amiright?

Our H-Mart haul of Korean ramyun.

So our Cupidrop curating team decided to have a bit of fun last week. Instead of curating beauty products… we decided to curate instant noodles.

So we went to our local H-Mart in New York City’s K-Town and picked up 4 different kinds of Korean instant noodles. We did a bit of research, a bit of taste-testing… and here’s the breakdown:

a.k.a. “UDON BIG BOWL”
NONGSHIM Tempura Udon (튀김 우동)

Okay, we know this is udon, not ramyun. But many people enjoy a milder flavor that’s not as spicy as most Korean ramyun products go… in which case, this Udon Big Bowl is perfect. The broth is delicious and hot—perfect for the cold season ahead—and the tempura pieces just add a little something to the bowl.

But nothing groundbreaking here—you can’t really go wrong but nothing is making us cry tears of joy either. It’s a simple and easy choice for those who can’t really eat spicy food.


“Koko” from “Kokomen” comes from the Korean onomatopoeia of the sound that chickens make.
PALDO Kokomen (꼬꼬면)

Kokomen became a high-demand product extremely quickly when it first came out in Korea. It was popularized by its slightly spicy flavor and the chicken broth that had a “clean” taste without being too heavy.

That being said, perhaps our team’s expectation was too high. Personally, Kokomen did not live up to my standards. It was delicious—don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t see anything amazingly special about it that made me think I must eat it again as soon as possible.


SAMYANG Gan Jjambbong Cup (간짬뽕)

We actually really enjoyed this one! This instant noodle is not as well known, but we thought the spiciness level was just right—not mild, but not teary-spicy either. If you’re not really a broth person when it comes to noodles, this sort of saucy noodles will work for you.


a.k.a. “SHIN BIG BOWL”
NONGSHIM Shin Ramyun (신라면)

The “Big Bowl” version of the original stovetop Shin Ramyun, which was #1 in sales in 2015 out of all Korean instant noodles. A classic cup ramyun of Korea that’s been around for decades. Hot and spicy.

Most people who like Korean instant noodles know about Shin Ramyun. That being said, the classic never disappoints. The spiciness is perfect, the flavor is savory and deep (or as deep as instant noodles can get), and you’re getting exactly what you expect. Definitely a go-to for many ramyun-lovers.

RAMYUN RATING: 5/5 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

I hope you enjoyed our little report on our fun ramyun taste test!

Bon Appétit!


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