My Personal Travel Tips for Those On the Go

My Personal Travel Tips for Those On the Go

Visiting new cities and countries is one of my favorite things to do, but like many others, I hate the act of traveling.

Thinking about sitting in a car for more than 4 hours already has my back hurting, and flights longer than 6 hours are just plain awful. I grew up traveling a lot since my family is from Indonesia, and although I’m kind of used to it now, I still dread the long flights. And guess what? There’s virtually no direct flights from NYC to Jakarta. That means I have to take a flight in the wrong direction to Frankfurt (8hrs), spend a few hours in transit, and then take that dreadful 12+ hours down to the Capital of Indonesia. That’s a full day of traveling and a whole lot of stress!

On top of that I get envious of all these people descending the aircraft looking like a model on the runway, while I’m stuck here with my heavy eye bags and skin that looks like it hasn’t been moisturized for years. Vacations all together has always affected my skin, it’s so common for me to forget or be too busy to take care of myself. So nowadays I think ahead and plan what I need to bring or do to maintain my skin and to keep it happy. I thought I’d share some simple tips on how I make skincare easier while I travel!

My first tip is the most obvious – only bring the essentials. You don’t want to over pack your luggage and waste all your precious luggage space on items you don’t really need. I can’t travel without my favorite moisturizer; you’ll catch me slathering moisturizer on my face so many times on a flight you’ll lose count. Along with that, I bring along a cleanser that is easy on my skin – since traveling tends to stress out my skin more than usual – my favorite makeup remover and of course, sunscreen! I usually add on additional items depending on what my skin needs at the time. If I’m breaking out, I’ll bring my favorite blemish cream. If my skin is feeling dull, I’ll bring a revitalizing serum, etc. It’s different for every trip, but figuring out the essential products you’ll need will save you a lot of time and you’ll be traveling much much lighter.

For example, this A.True Calming Cream is great for flights! It works wonders because it will eliminate all the irritations and inflammations off your stressed out skin. The Green Tea water will help soothe and calm your skin, and leaves you totally hydrated! I tend to only bring my moisturizer on the flight, and leave everything else in my checked-in luggage since I don’t need the other products while flying. Just make sure your carry-on liquids (that includes creams) are in containers that follow TSA regulations. More on that below!

I don’t know about you, but I hate hotel toiletries because they don’t work! They leave my skin/hair drier than before and sometimes I get negative reactions. I also don’t want to be spending more money buying full sized products on my trip, so that’s why when I travel, I travel-size everything! You can definitely bring your favorite products with you and have the relief of knowing what you’re putting on your skin. So hop on down to your closest drugstore or order online for some some travel-sized containers. You can also use old contact lens cases for smaller products like eye creams! Just make sure the cases are cleaned well before you add your products! It’s the easiest way for me to stick to a skincare routine while I’m traveling; I do this for all my beauty products, whether it be hair, skin or body products. I love having the familiarity of my own products, which is why I travel with multiple easy-squeeze bottles ready to go.

Obviously, I know that not everyone will see things the same way as I do. So if you and your skin aren’t too bothered by what you use, follow the tip my mum taught me growing up. My mother has always taught me to travel with beauty samples because it’s easy to travel with and they’re free! If your skin isn’t sensitive or acne-prone, this might be a great way for you to try new products and brands! It saves so much space and energy to have all these little items in one cosmetic travel bag and you won’t even need to spend more money on your trip! I love the set by Pyunkang Yul! The set comes with a travel-sized toner (100ml), 2 sample routine sets (1 Up & 1 Down), a sample lotion, and a sample cleanser. I was able to try the UP sample set; one set lasted me three nights, and I loved the results. It kept my face feeling hydrated and firm all the way until the next day.

Now I know you’re packing the right clothes for your destination, but did you think about your skincare routine? I know I used to forget to cater to the new surroundings I was traveling to. Maybe your current routine at home is dedicated to your current climate, but not your destination. For example, the weather in New York has been pretty cold, so my current routine may be too oily if I’m traveling to a tropical climate, or not hydrating enough if I’m going somewhere way below freezing. Again it all depends on where you’re going, your skin type and how well your skin adapts. If you’re traveling somewhere hot I recommend to pack a good cleanser that can really get all the dirt and sweat off your skin, if you’re going somewhere colder go ahead and bring that heavy-duty moisturizer.

I recommend using By Wishtrend’s Green Tea Enzyme Powder wash. Not only is it an amazing cleanser but it’s a powder wash making it easier to travel with since you don’t have to worry about the product leaking. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a great moisturizer, I would recommend Thank You Farmer’s True Water Deep Cream. This thick cream creates a barrier on top of your skin to retain moisture, perfect for colder weather!

One item you should always bring no matter what is sunscreen! UV rays are dangerous even in cold seasons where the sun isn’t directly out. Even if you’re outside for less than a quarter of the day, protecting yourself from the sun is not something you should look past. I think that a lot of people skip this step because they don’t realize how important it is. You’ve probably heard that sun rays can penetrate our atmosphere even if the sun is not directly shining down at us, not only do they penetrate our atmosphere, they also reflect from common surfaces. That means the rays can bounce back even if you’re shaded. These sun rays causes premature aging – like wrinkles and sagging – you can get damaging sun burns, and can cause our skin to develop skin diseases like skin cancer. That’s why I highly recommend a good sunscreen or lotion to use every day!

The most important thing to remember while you travel: stay hydrated. Leaving a flight dehydrated, swollen and dull is such a common thing that most us think it’s inescapable! Making sure that you’re drinking *plenty of water* throughout your entire flight and getting as much rest as possible is going to make a huge difference. Getting up and stretching helps reduce swelling and puffiness, even walking up and down the aisle a few times can make a difference. A lot of people also forget that you can bring liquid items such as mist toners or gel masks past TSA and in your carry-on luggage. Just make sure each item doesn’t go over the 100ml or 3.4oz limit (All liquid items should fit in a clear quart sized bag). This gives you the opportunity to keep your skin happy on those red-eye flights or multiple layover trips.

As mentioned before, one of the main problems for a lot of us after a long flight is dullness. Traveling for hours can make a huge impact on how you look. I always feel like my face needs to be awakened whenever I leave a plane. Try to bring a bit of serum – preferably one with added vitamins – in a travel safe container just to revitalize your skin. You can also bring a toner in a small mist bottle as well to freshen up any dullness before you disembark the plane. We have an amazing Lively SuperBarrier™ Hyaluronic Acid Toner. Their toner Uses Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and Panthenol to enhance your skin's moisture barrier and this set comes with a travel-sized mini!

Another thing that’s helped me in the past is face masks. You might get some strange looks for using a face-mask on the plane, but honestly, when will you ever see these strangers again? The mask will definitely help with hydrating and calming your skin, and that extra relaxing time benefits your skin and mind. Additionally, our bodies tend to swell up when flying, which includes our face. If your face is prone to puffing up during flights, it would be a good idea to bring a cooling gel mask or moisturizer to help bring down the swelling.

Of course at the end of the day everyone has their own preferences on how they travel and what’s easiest for them. Over the years I’ve learned that a lot of my problems that occurred while traveling stems from my overly dehydrated skin and lack of water. That’s why I prioritize my skincare routine even while traveling. Not taking care of my skin for only a few days can to my skin breaking which results in itchy and flakey skin. So find your worst skin problems and use these tips to find the best way for you! I hope this post can help you on your next adventure! Now that you’re packed and ready to go, all you have left is to slather on some SPF and you are set for a great holiday.

Happy Travels!


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