Jeju Island deep in your skin

Jeju Island deep in your skin

Located 53 miles from the tip of the Korean peninsula is Jeju Island: the smallest province of Korea, but also the largest island.

The highest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan, stands 1,950 meters above sea level at the center of the island. It is a dormant volcano that erupted for the last time approximately 800 years ago. In fact, Jeju Island was formed from Hallasan’s lava approximately 2 million years ago.

Jeju Island was voted as one of 2011’s New Seven Wonders of Nature. Many couples in Korea choose this Island as their honeymoon destination because of its breathtaking sights, beautiful beaches, and magnificent waterfalls. You can hike up and watch the sunrise from the ridge of a crater. You can stroll along country roads lined with juicy tangerines. Their fresh, delicious seafood also comes highly recommended.

We want to invite you to experience Jeju Island’s beauty through its pure and rare natural ingredients that are used in our skincare products. Discover this wonder of nature for yourself.


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