Master Patch Original Fit Blemish Cover 24 Patches

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What is it: his thin, lightweight hydrocolloid patch perfectly seals around blemishes to protect them from bacteria and dirt.


Why we love it: 

- Covers the acne while absorbing exudation, thus reducing the risk of further infection

- Easily adheres to the skin and can be removed without irritation

- Totally A-OK to apply makeup over the patch


Zits—be gone! Powerful acne patches that protect against bacteria and treat acne.


24 patches (7mm x 10 each, 10mm x 5 each, 12mm x 9 each)


Clean the desired area and dry completely. Do not apply skincare products before applying the patch. Place your desired patch over the blemish and leave on overnight or throughout the day. The patch will absorb impurities from the blemish so white spots may appear. Change the patch if the patch swells due to exudation.



Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane

One of the most beloved k-beauty brands. Cosrx is known for its precise formulations and consistent performance thanks to a series of high-performing ingredients that drive results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Rachel F.

During my pregnancy, these patches saved me! I had really bad acne and these patches really helped keep my skin clear! They are invisible as well which is really nice. They come in different sizes as well! I love these patches!

Avery B.
Pop your pimples without scarring

I got these patches to try out because none of the other brands had patches that would work on my skin. It's just as satisfying as popping them with your fingers because once you take them off, you can see all the pus that has been collected. I really recommend trying these out if patches have not worked for you in the past. They blend into your skin as well (I'm pretty pale though), and I wear them out in public under my mask. Use these before popping!

Annmarie H.

I was given these complimentary from influenster to try. I love them! They shrink pimples overnight and prevent me from picking at them.

Aleman P.

I absolutely love these pimple patches! They blend seamlessly into the skin so even if you're not wearing make-up they're pretty much undetectable! You can wear these under make-up without anyone noticing! Within hours my pimples were gone! Love it!

Tyusuf Y.

This is was one of the best pimples patched that I have ever tried. I just put it on at night after I cleanse my face and let the magic happen. By morning the pimples are basically gone. Definitely recommend and it?셲 so cheap too!!