Free U.S. shipping on orders over $35 & Free Samples or a sheet mask with every order | Use code SIMPLE6 and receive $6.00 off orders equal or above $40
Free U.S. shipping on orders over $35 &
Free Samples or a sheet mask with every order.
Receive $6.00 off orders equal or above $40.00.

Welcome to Cupidrop!

Based in New York City, Cupidrop began with the simple idea of offering great skincare products at great prices. Korean skincare & makeup products are well-made, beautifully packaged and reasonably priced.
Every single product we carry has been tested by our team to ensure our customers have a great experience with them. Here at Cupidrop, we make sure to address all matters of the skin. "Cupid" is the God of love. Here at Cupidrop, we make it our mission and pride to bring everyone love & beauty.
COSRX, stands for COSmetics + RX. A brand that has been around for over a decade, this line focuses on AHA/BHA products that are hard to find in Korean market. Correct pH balance and formulated with minimum amount of ingredients, Cosrx products are high performance products with safe ingredients without side effects.
“dear Klairs”—commonly shortened to “Klairs”—has specifically designed products that contain simple ingredients that fight redness and soothe the skin while maximizing hydration. Their motto “Simple but Enough” encourages users to stick with a couple of items that are enough and not overbearing on the skin.
We genuinely care about your skin and we want to take care of all your beauty needs. We want you to feel like every package delivered to you are from Cupid, filled with our love. While so many of the existing online retailers carry already prominent name brands, Cupidrop discovers and shares new & exciting brands with our customers.

For the latest beauty trends and innovative products from Korea, Cupidrop is the ultimate online destination for your favorite K-beauty needs.