Fundamental Ampule Mist

$ 27.00

Description Achieve the perfect glow in only a few spritzes. The Fundamental Ampule Mist nourishes the skin by filling in moisture gaps and locking-in hydration. This premium mist is formulated with a...

Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

$ 31.00

Description Get maximum moisture without the hassle. The Watery Oil Drop is a water-based oil that treats dry and dehydrated skin. Its main Oriental Tea Complex contains a series of skin regenerating ingredients such...

Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

$ 24.00

Description Get baby smooth under-eyes with this intensely nourishing eye cream. The Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter contains four powerful peptides* to improve fine lines, promote skin elasticity, and defend against additional signs of aging....

Fundamental Water Gel Cream

$ 31.00

Description We're getting back to basics with the Fundamental Water Gel Cream. This gel-type moisturizer is formulated with 63.7% Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, Jeju Green Tea Water, and Panthenol to...

Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

$ 25.00

Description Wake up to bright and alert eyes with the Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel. This moisturizing eye gel contains Caffeine and Red Bean Extract to soothe fatigued eyes and reduces puffiness...

Klairs Fundamental Anti-Aging Set

$ 76.00$ 52.00

This set offers essential nourishing care that helps maintain soft, supple, and vibrant skin, especially around the eyes. Only a few drops of Fundamental Watery Oil deliver long-lasting moisture and...

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