Toner is the underrated skincare step that is vital to the rest of your routine. Toning preps the skin to restore its natural pH balance which increases the effectiveness of the skincare products that follow. Refresh and moisturize with a toner before moving forward with your routine.

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One Step Original Clear Pad

$ 23.00

Description COSRX's One Step Original Clear Pad reduces sebum production, minimizes the size of pores, and keeps blemishes at bay for clarifying cleanse. Natural BHA unclogs pores and prevents the...

One Step Moisture Up Pad

$ 22.00

Description A duo-texture hydrating hero. COSRX's One Step Moisture Up Pad is a daily moisturizing pad that gently exfoliates the skin while providing essential nutrients deep into the skin. Hyaluronic...

Carrot Vita Toner Pad

$ 19.90

Soften rough, uneven skin and provide nutrients, hydration with the Carrot Vita Toner Pad. It refines your skin with a vitamin water pad, enriched with Carrot Vita Complex including vitamin...

Cicaful Calming Pad

$ 22.00

Description The Cicaful Calming Pad is a quick soothing pad that instantly relieves and hydrates the skin with the help of high essence retention capacity of the pad. It contains...

Pear Soothing Pad

$ 24.00

I’m from. . .Baegun Mountain, South Korea! This soothing pad is full of 75% of Wild Pear Leaves, which features an instant cooling and soothing effect. With the main ingredient...

Artemisia Calming pH Balance Toner Pad

$ 22.00

Provides effective and instant calming effect for irritated skin with Artemisia Extract, Centella, and Soothing Complex. 3-layered pads with intensive water essence refine and hydrate the dry surface of skin...

Beet Refresh Pad

$ 24.00

Add vitality to dull, uneven skin with the Beet Refresh Pad. This refreshing pad contains 20% Red Beet Extract, which is packed with essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants for brightening...

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