Reviving Rose Infusion Cream

 $ 55 $ 44.00
Description Unlock your heart chakra with the transcendent power of the Reviving Rose Infusion Cream. Luscious Rose Essential Oil brightens, firms, and redefines the contours of your face thanks t ...

Reviving Rose Infusion Serum

 $ 42 $ 33.60
Description Unlock your inner rose glow with the Reviving Rose Infusion Serum. Mineral-rich Organic Rose Water and Rose Essential Oil deliver quintessential vitality, nourishment, and luminosity to ...

Quinoa Protein Hair Ampoule

 $ 21 $ 16.80
Description Treat split ends and breakage with this quick and easy spray packed with nourishing oils and protein. This hair ampoule is formulated with protein-rich Quinoa Extract, low-molecular pro ...

Neroli Brightening Facial Oil

 $ 30 $ 24.00 Soldout
Description Breathe new life back into dull, tired skin with the Neroli Brightening Facial Oil. Its lightweight and radiant formula restores the skin's natural glow and vibrancy. It soothes rough ...

Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser

 $ 24 $ 19.20
Description Aromatica's Rose Absolute Cream Cleanser is a serene wash that removes impurities and maintains the skin's natural moisture level. Elegant Rose-infused bubbles thoroughly cleanse the sk ...

Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment Toner

 $ 39 $ 31.20
Description Like a sweet summer sunset, Aromatica's Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment Toner basks your skin in next-level hydration. This multi-layer toner is over-flowing in hydration thanks to its ...

Pure & Soft Feminine Wash

 $ 18 $ 14.40
Description Treat your body with the utmost care. Aromatica's Pure & Soft Feminine Wash is a mild and hypoallergenic foaming cleanser that moisturizes, soothes, and re-balances our most intimat ...

Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner

 $ 15 $ 12.00
Description Re-balance and recharge your hair with Aromatica's Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner! This silicone-free conditioner restores balance to brittle and limp hair by depositing essential ...

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

 $ 30 $ 24.00 Soldout
Description Experience the tenacious golden energy of Israelian Jojoba Oil. Aromatica's Organic Golden Jojoba Oil improves skin health by delivering nutrients into dehydrated and aging skin. Jojoba ...

Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil

 $ 32 $ 24.00
Description Wash away the day with this hypoallergenic and natural multi-cleanser. Aromatica's Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil immediately dissolves impurities and gently removes make-up for soft, su ...

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

 $ 13 $ 10.40
Description Aromatica's 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel is a powerful multi-purpose skin-soothing moisturizer. It is formulated with organically grown Aloe Vera and Pure Rosemary Leaf Extract to calm irr ...

95% Natural Aloe Aqua Cream

 $ 19 $ 10.40
Description Aromatica's 95% Natural Aloe Aqua Cream is an organic moisturizing cream. It is formulated with USDA approved Organic Aloe Extract to calm tired skin caused by sun exposure. Rosemary an ...

Rose Absolute Eye Cream

 $ 30 $ 24.00
Description Maintain vibrant and alert "windows to the soul" with Aromatica's Rose Absolute Eye Cream. This lush eye cream is formulated with Niacinamide and Bulgarian Rose Oil to reduce dullness, ...

Rose Absolute Vital Fluid

 $ 45 $ 22.00
Description An age-defying and brightening treatment delivered through a premium feather-light formula. Aromatica's Rose Absolute Vita Fluid transforms dull, depleted skin with a series of nourishi ...

Tea Tree Purifying Tonic

 $ 12 $ 9.60
Description Aromatica's Tea Tree Purifying Tonic delivers an instant cooling effect to dry, irritated scalps. Soothe itchiness and discomfort with a couple of spritz of this Tea Tree and Peppermint ...

Tea Tree Purifying Conditioner

 $ 16.80 $ 13.44
Description Help your scalp feel minty fresh with the Tea Tree Purifying Conditioner. This cooling, daily conditioner controls sebum, relieves itchy scalp, and alleviates pressure for a soothing wa ...

Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo

 $ 20 $ 16.00 Soldout
Description A refreshing natural shampoo for oily hair and scalp. Its restorative formula effectively removes hair build-up and excess oils without stripping your hair or irritating your scalp. Key ...

Lively SuperBarrier™ Hyaluronic Acid Toner

 $ 17.40 $ 13.92
Description This Cupidrop favorite just got a whole lot cuter. The Lively SuperBarrier™ Hyaluronic Acid Toner is back and it brought an adorable friend. 5 different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid deeply  ...

Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser

 $ 18.20 $ 14.56
Description Bring balance back to troubled skin with Aromatica's Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser. Tea Tree Oil-infused bubbles help to reduce inflammation and prevent further breakouts by contr ...