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Instagram Giveaway

Special thanks to everyone who entered our Cosrx “Listen to Your Voice” 2016 Planner giveaway! We love all your responses and herewith the 40 lucky winners of the planner:

_randi04_, acopela3, agi_gayee, annasoyoung, ashleyambroso, cindysojourning, coastline, dorinamausi, dreamstocreations, dubuupie, fabuloustreet, fitmamamakeover, frsysm, georgi_gorgi, girifruit, happilyblue, jencoempties, kelly.888, kinsengnsq, kiyo_miyo, kwokodilebeauty, malindus, marujordashian, modgeek, mycroftian, pdxbeautiful, pensplanesandplates, picklesandpomegranates, samantha_blogs, sbrbeauty, sepost, springfl0wers, thebeautyimprint, thebrowneyedfox, thepointofvu, totesprodigious, valyrianfreehold, vanity.rex, woolly_mammoth, yourskinwithin

Since Instagram allows us 30 tags in one post, we will notify you by sending all winners a direct message. 

Thank you so much for participating! Be on the lookout for our next giveaway.