ARONIA VINEGAR Low Molecular Collagen

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What is it: Enjoy a low-molecular collagen jelly made with aged aronia vinegar and pomegranate to help with convenient collagen intake.


ARONIA VINEGAR Low Molecular Collagen is an easy and tasty way to get your daily dose of beauty from within. More than 90% of the dermis layer of the skin consists of collagen, which plays a vital role in determining how supple, firm, and elastic our skin is.


Why we love it: 

- This collagen jelly is deliciously tart and can be taken daily as an inner beauty treat.
- Unlike collagen powders, no water is necessary, and you can enjoy your daily dose of collagen quickly and easily.
- All our aged vinegars are abundantly rich in amino acids, minerals, organic acids and vitamins.


Why Aged Vinegar

107's exclusive core ingredient is aged vinegar and formulated to work synergistically with ingredients to maximize skincare efficacy.


- A potent mixture of molecular byproducts (or naturally-formed postbiotics) that are beneficial for the skin.

- 17 different amino acids, acetic acid, lactic acid and malic acid

- Handcrafted by trained artisans and harvested once a year

- Locally sourced ingredients from South Korea

- A superfood for the skin

- Aged for at least seven years


20g x 14 sticks

Chew 1 Stick once a day

Milk, Gluten (Malt), Tree Nuts (Coconut), and Fish. May Contain: Soybean, Wheat.

107 was founded on the belief that age-old beauty secrets matter. The brand strives to create stress-free formulations that are gentle yet effective. Its core ingredient is aged vinegar, using proprietary methods developed and perfected over many centuries. 

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