The Chakra Series: A Still Small Voice

The Chakra Series: A Still Small Voice

For this second edition of our Chakra series, we’ll be focusing on the balancing force between our thoughts and emotions. It’s all about the power of our inner voice and how we affirm ourselves as we manage our busy lives – especially when things aren’t quite going our way.

Not to get all scientific, but remember that lesson on energy and how it turns into matter? Well, think of the Throat Chakra as the energy that guides how our thoughts flow into the choices we make. Here’s to finding a little harmony in this unstable world.

A Good Word

The Throat Chakra, also known as the Vishuddha, is the 5th Chakra. It is the energy that tunes into our feelings and thoughts. This chakra taps into our inner confidence and gives us the strength and clarity we need to face new challenges, speak up, express ourselves, affirm positivity, and be proactive. It is what drives us to grab the bull by the horns and live confidently.

With that said, when was the last time you spoke an uplifting word to yourself or someone else? The Throat Chakra is best exercised when we share our humanity- when we shower ourselves and others with love. It helps us grow emotionally so that we can communicate better and manage our daily lives.

Let’s Get Centered

Maybe you’ve got a presentation that’s around the corner or a scheduled job interview. Part of harnessing our power includes making the necessary preparations and taking a few seconds to calm ourselves – because nerves are actually perfectly normal! We’ve got a few tips that can help align your thoughts and emotions with the confidence you’ve already got inside.

Meditate – it’s good for you! You can also take a stroll through a park or try a little yoga – maybe the Fish Pose or The Plow – to zone into your Throat Chakra. We even recommend singing a little louder in the shower to let loose and be you~ freely.

And to accompany your stellar vocals, we’re throwing in a haircare routine to help keep your positive vibes flowing. The Tea Tree line from Aromatica includes some primetime peppermint which can help you tap into your inner boss even easier. Give the Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo, Tea Tree Purifying Conditioner and Tea Tree Purifying Tonic a shot.


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