Free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 & Free Samples or a sheet mask with every order.
Free U.S. shipping on orders over $50.
Free Samples or a sheet mask with every order.

Blackhead Silk Finger Ball (12 ct)

$ 5.00
Description 100% natural Silk Fingerball exfoliates gently and removes blackheads and dirt from clogged pores. Easy-to-use Fingerball can be placed on the index finger to massage desired areas that ...
Lip & Eye Makeup Remover - Discover more Korean cosmetics at Cupidrop

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

$ 20.00 $ 18.00
Description Oil + Water mixture that removes the toughest eye and lip makeup, including waterproof formulas. Non-irritating makeup remover gently yet effectively removes all traces of eye, lip, and ...

Nail Polish Remover

$ 2.50
Description Nail Polish Remover that dissolves polish colors without leaving sticky residue behind. Contains nail protectant ingredient to prevent the nails from drying out, becoming irritated, or ...

Cellulose Facial Sponge

$ 5.00
Description Gently wash away dirt, oil and makeup to reveal clean, fresh complexion with our soft facial sponge. Remove hard to wash-off masks with these facial sponge or use with your favorite soa ...

Extrusion Swabs

$ 3.00
Description Disposable extrusion swabs with soft 100% black cotton on one end and an extraction tool on the other. Use extrusion swabs to remove unwanted blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum in a hygi ...

Oil Blotting Papers

$ 5.00
Description A portable packet of oil-absorbing, powder-coated sheets that eliminate excess sebum and shine. Non-irritating sheets absorb oil to leave the skin looking fresh and matte. Use before ma ...

Facial Mask Brush

$ 6.00
Description Use a Facial Mask Brush to apply all types of facial masks, peels, and other skincare products evenly and hygienically. Each brush comes individually packaged in a plastic sleeve. Size: ...