Introducing . . . Aromatica!

Introducing . . . Aromatica!

Its been long in the making but, we are so excited to announce the official release of our new Aromatic brand! If you are interested in truly organic and clean beauty, then this is the brand for you. Aromatic resides at the crossroads of Beauty x Safety. Their brand identity centers on exclusively using clean ingredients along with eco-friendly practices to deliver high quality skin care products for all skin types. Their products are Vegan Society certified, EWG Verified and ECOCERT Certified. Ready to meet your new skincare faves? Then let’s get started!


Lively is one of our most aesthetically pleasing products. These products center on their exclusive SuperBarrier™ blend. SuperBarrier™ is a special blend of ultra hydrating ingredients such as panthenol, madecassoside, polysaccharide and ceramide. These ingredients work together to rebuild and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for better water retention and soothe any lingering irritations. Lively is a great brand for those who would like a lightweight but effective hydrating product.


Purify is our very first hair care label! Purify is a refreshing and natural hair care line that focuses on relieving the scalp and removing excess sebum from the hair. These products contain Tea Tree, Burdock and Hyssop to treat oily and irritated roots along with peppermint to cool and relieve the scalp all without harming the hair’s natural oil production. This line is perfect for those burning hot summer days when the scalp can feel fatigued. We are exclusively featuring these products for a limited time, so be sure to get your hands on them before they’re gone.

Tea Tree

The Tea Tree skin care line is dedicated to treating a variety of skin concerns. This line uses a unique and potent botanical blend made up of powerful ingredients such as Tea Tree, Centella Asiatica, Burdock, Aloe Vera Leaf, and plant-derived Squalane. These ingredients relieve irritated skin, manage sebum production, treat blemishes, and replenish skin moisture. If you’re interested in learning more about Tea Tree extract than stay tune for our upcoming blog post 😉 . read blog post

We hope you grow to love the Aromatica brand just as much as we have.

Check out Aromatica here!


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